Dear Friends,

With great regret I write to tell you that I have been involved in the exploitative gig economy here in the United States. Yes, in my view the US economy has grown too overbearing with its massive corporations who are too self interested to ever make strides for any measure of social good. This is the reason that we will never solve the carbon emissions problem. Furthermore, it is with the growth and expansion of the gig economy during the pandemic that the rot has seeped to the core of consumerized suburban America. Even with the promise of climbing the totem pole of the idealized career path, the gig economy is first and foremost exploiting the very people it purports to help. By keeping these people in the shadows, always uncertain when the next “gig” might come, when the next paycheck will come, always, constantly searching for a “real” job. The corporate career ladder is broken to the core.

The college students come straight from their dorms, rushing headlong into corporate America, thinking that they can keep up their ways of partying, networking, always striving. They want to get the job done, to race to the top, to always get somewhere, to be somewhere. They have somewhere to be every second of the day and they forget about this ideal, the true ideal, the one we call life.

As a revolutionary, a romantic, and a libertarian, I do not envy those people who are stuck in the rat race. And I aspire to never again be involved in that sort of unscrupulous behavior. It is degrading, devoid of meaning, and pointless to be so sucked up in the social aspects of life that you have built your life around nothing but that. Yes, man is a social animal, but man is first and foremost an animal. The sentence “man is a social animal,” leads one to think that the social aspects of man’s life should come first. Why not the metaphysical aspects? Why do we base our lives around such mundane and senseless activities such as vice, when there are such aspects which are too often forgotten by so many, love, beauty, friendship, and kindness come to mind.

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