A Letter to Our Readers

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed an update to our ‘About’ page. In it we describe our ever-changing philosophy. At first glance you may think that the essay is about how we are becoming a culture oriented organization, and you wouldn’t be too far off. However culture extends to art and music, and oftentimes art, music, and business (as much at this website can be called a business) don’t mix. So, you might ask, what is going on here? Well, let me explain.

In reality, and by intention the post in the ‘About’ page is not about culture at all, it is about technology. That is the technology of Artificial Intelligence and the changes which it promises to bring. So first let me briefly bring you up to speed on recent developments in AI theory. Here we will talk about AI strategy and philosophy, not applications (which are the main aspects of AI research you see in the news today). AI today is working its way towards being a cohesive “formal system,” that is a system which can know things about itself, and be able to tell us about the world around us. These two things are very important, some formal systems lack the former and are only able to tell us things about our world, and these are not the types of systems which humans are currently designing with today’s AI. In essence the overall strategy is to design a system which can align with humans values and with humanity in general, so that when it does become more intelligent than we are, it will do what we want. This in essence is the thinking of today’s theoretical and philosophical AI researchers. The researchers at the Future of Humanity Institute, The Future of Life Institute, The Machine Intelligence Research Institute, The Open Philanthropy Project, The Center for Existential Risk and many others are doing this research in order to protect us form this technology which promises to be able to think and do pretty much anything better than we can.

So where does culture fit into this you might ask? Well, I have another answer for you. Most people working in the field are working in order to get to a point so that there will always be room for humans. In order to work alongside robots, and in order to live our lives with them, we must become better versions of ourselves. We must continue to do the things which make us truly human. To those of us at WithLiberty these things are cultural.

So while the statement is a plan of action for our business, or foundation, or whatever you would like to call it, it is also a statement of our operational philosophy. And I would like direct your attention to the last paragraph on the page:

We spread economic freedom and the ideas of liberty, by practicing them. Our network is predicated on the advancement of society and its culture. Our audience is the planet. We are an experiment in living and learning. We accept any human who wishes to make a contribution to our cause. We leave no one behind. We believe that the best of humanity is of what is yet to come, so our business plan is this: we will open the door.

The first line, is political and is a theory of change for today’s increasingly uncertain world stage. We believe that in order to maintain and further the blessings of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must embody those things in all of our lives. We extend this notion to the arts, sciences, and everything in between. And finally, the last line. This is our philosophy for the future. We plan to open the door for the next chapter. To usher the people of the world, whoever they may be, into the future, dignified, proud, and resolute, ready for any challenge.

That is the mission of WithLiberty, and Thank You, Dear Reader, for coming along with me and with all us on our journey. Wherever the road may take you, WithLiberty stands with you.

James Rice

Founder and Leader of the Board

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