Why Join With Us?

WithLiberty drives ideas forward. It champions cultural awareness and economic freedom. We believe in the right to hear and to be heard. This is the story of why WithLiberty was created and of what we will do. 

Who We Are:

Our mission is to help those left behind by rapid innovation.

We use cutting edge research to inform and inspire. We develop political solutions to the challenges the world faces today.

What We Believe:

WithLiberty is founded on a shared vision of values and hope.

We hope that inclusivity does not have to be exclusive.

We hope that values which make up our different and separate cultures can be expressed by all.

We hope that we are not one people, but one planet.

Our Cause:

We know that our conflicts and strife within our communities and with the world, are secondary to our fight for survival as humans.

We believe that our crowing achievement as humans is not simply the structures of our cities, the vast amounts of wealth generated by our economies, or even the welfare of each and every individual, but it is our culture of acceptance, affirmation, and of ideas. 

We at WithLiberty are a voluntary association of artists, journalists, scientists, thinkers, builders, and achievers. Leveraging the power of diversity we want to allow others to follow in our footsteps. Our operational costs are minimal and when possible we create, through the complexity of our network of relationships and connections, a new way of spreading our message.

As creators, producers, providers, our members offer what they can and what they will to our network.

A culture is founded on voluntary contributions by members of the society which has created it. So are we.