On Artificial Intelligence Research

On Artificial Intelligence is a technical research paper, our founder, James wrote in his final year at UConn. It is relevant to the mission of WithLiberty because of the nature of public policy towards the topic of automation. With the elite calling for more automation and subsequent crowding out of highly paid white collar jobs for those who do not have the skills, automation has been overlooked during the time of COVID. The philosophy behind this paper is the mathematical machinations of the overturn of jobs and the creation of new ones. However the main takeaway from it is the fact that humans will always have and have always had a place in the world. It is the current view of the author that the automation policies in place today benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor, and the employed at the expense of the unemployed. There needs to be an overturn of this policy to enable individuals to create wealth and profit from the ground up, whereas the regulation surrounding automation has largely been to stifle it.