Our Business Report

WithLiberty was founded on November 27th 2020. Our plan is to work towards incorporation with a full board of directors one year from now. We will register as a 501(c)3 non profit in the state of Connecticut. Our company aims to be good for the planet, while doing good for its people. Our main goal is to spread the ideas of freedom across the United States and the world. We will do this by three methods; a marketing campaign that showcases our news and research efforts, a fundraising campaign aimed at building a sustainable income to support our programs, and finally an educational outreach program, built to reach and inform members of the local community about our cause.

The company’s organizational structure will be decentralized. We will be a community of writers, thinkers, artists, and collaborators who have a vested interest in spreading freedom and it’s worldview to the world. At first we will simply be a loose association of co conspirators but with the goal in mind, always, of becoming something greater than ourselves.

The Nature of Our World

Our world today has beed devastated by policies that cripple the business sector and make it incredibly difficult for entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators of any profession to enter the market. There are two sides to every coin, and in the United States today there are two classes of people fighting for very different reasons and with very different goals and perceptions about the other. This is where we have found a need for an organization, and have founded WithLiberty. WithLiberty will cut across the noise, and give you the reasoned, principled argument for a new type of system, a system that puts individual liberties and freedoms first.