Living For The Sake Of Living

Just a one cannot objectively learn for the sake of learning, think for the sake of thinking, work for the sake of working, it is nearly impossible to sustain a lifestyle where one only lives for the sake of living. But then what greater purpose should one live for? Well, there are an infinite number of possibilities. You could work to create a better world for the poor, fulfilling an inner altruistic desire. You could learn how to speak a foreign language, in order to advance your goal of living in a new country, for instance. You could think about a new invention that may or may not work, or strategize on how to build a business quickly or for the long term. Thinking is one of those things where often the mind wanders, bringing obtrusive thoughts or repressed memories into the forefront of the mind. Often times it is difficult to sustain thought on topics you know little about, or to follow a line of thinking without second guessing yourself and your prior beliefs about a topic. There is one thing thought that is above reproach on any level, and that is thinking for the sake of thinking. It leads nowhere, and is in one work redundant, and another work it is evil. Just as having a conversation that leads to nothing but small talk endlessly wastes both persons’ time, a thought that is whimsical for the sake of being whimsical could be spent on something more valuable to the mind. This is not merely a means of exercising the minds’ rational capacity, but of checking that the apparatus of thought is not in any way damaged. It is clear that when thought has devolved into that of a madman that thinking relinquishes its grip on the actions of the body and that emotions take hold. In this sense emotions take control and it is if the ship is sailing under full sail without a rudder or any way to control the sails. They are completely at the mercy of the wind, storms, and currents.

Now the saying ‘I live simply because I am alive,’ is equally abhorrent. If you were to exist in a box with no means of escape, food given to you, and no outside contact, you would be living because you were alive. The thing that all humans aspire to live to and by is their ideals of the future. Because we have this sense of time that the universe has given to us and which advances in a predictable, orderly fashion, we can plan our lives around this line that never ends, only advances, and advances further. I live for what tomorrow might bring, and so in that way, I live for today. The future begins now, barreling down on us with no end in sight. To set in place today, the stones which might tomorrow become a great tower, dedicated to life as we know it on earth and all that one has achieved in his life time that is the mark of the human, and a great one at that.

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