Lost in a world that I despise

By James Rice

Lost in a world that I despise,

No one here has nine lives,

The things I love are dead and gone,

Lost in a world that I despise.

The walls have ears it won’t be long,

‘Fore they take you away and bang a gong,

The thoughts I think, are they mine alone?

The things I love are dead and gone.

On the mountaintop I’ll shout it high,

Where no one can hear and wander by,

The truth that I know must be heard,

By fleet on foot or feather on a bird.

There’s no place I know where love lies waiting,

Yet everywhere it seems it’s up for the taking,

The invisible walls surround us two,

When will I ever run away with you.

But then who is listening in?

Is it the wind,

A passer by who drops an eve?

What a tangled web we weave.

Lost in a world that I despise,

No more can you see life with your own two eyes,

We are becoming one again,

A hopeless world approaching a bitter end.

Commentary: Although quite gloomy, I thought a few readers might appreciate the expression of hopelessness that I am sure many also experienced in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. This poem was inspired by my struggle for redemption, direction, and truth.

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