Mental Illness: An Exposition 6/9-6/15 2021 Part 2

This same thinking can cure dementia, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, everything. They are the same, we need a change in society to deal with these illnesses and free ill people. This will do. A free economy can do this.

The variety of characters on the unit is the best part. So many different backgrounds brought together in one space. Girls, boys, men, women, everything in between. Every race is represented, with individuals from every color in the spectrum. The illnesses represented are diverse too. Everything categorized as “mental” illness. Age is not a factor, except when hanging out. There are the old men who want nothing to do with the kids. The older women who offer advice and emotional support. The gender non conforming girl who keeps her nose in a book all day, and her roommate, a tattooed, short cropped hair LGBTQ individual, close friends with her roommate. Then there are the gangsters, hispanic and black young people who use drugs on the outside, and talk about it on the inside. They form the cliques of the unit. There are others too, men and women who come here to heal, rest, and escape from the world and recover from the traumas imposed by daily life.

My reflection

or yours

on mine

hundreds of people

everyday people


lift up my spirits

or hers

liberate my spirit

because it is mine

heal my soul

I have one

free my heart

to be like yours

Truly yours,

Miles Francis



Express this



Shock that



Identify me



Apparently you



Influential object



Singular being.

“This physico-techno-military given, only leads us as far, he says, as the gates of this ‘promised land.’ But while modern science guides us to the gates of the promised land of liberal democracy, it does not deliver us to the promised land itself, for there is no economically necessary reason why advanced industrialization should produce political liberty.”

Spectres of Marx pp. 75.

It is unclear where we would be without nuclear energy and the atomic bomb. In my view the nuclear question will be solved by deactivating and disarming all nuclear weapons or otherwise finding a use for them in society. One thing is clear however, the control of nuclear weapons should not be given to any one person let alone a committee of individuals. This is something that should be left to a highly sophisticated computer intelligence to determine.

To be betrothed,

My love she wrote,

Come hither to find me.

I went to where,

To find her there,

And now she’s my fiancé.


By Miles Francis


The best

In me

The rest

For thee

A set

For tea

Just us


A place

For you

The things

We’ll do

The painting

We drew

From me

To you

Our Destiny.

The state of the psychiatric hospital today is this: well staffed, poor infrastructure and amenities. At the IOL inpatient unit in Hartford, CT there is a need for more space, more modern buildings with modern architecture, and better activities for patients to take part in. The many young patients could use exercise, outdoor recreation, more space indoors and outdoors, ideally an enclosed campus like atmosphere. There could even be stores and restaurants and libraries, staffed by mental health workers. This would be an incredible advancement and investment into the livelihoods of mentally ill patients. In essence creating a world for them to live which is the same as the world outside.

The Shadows

By Miles Francis

Fear ye the weather

My friend

Or never find true

Love again.

Eerie be shadows

They tend

To whisper when night

Comes again.

Here in the darkness

We’ll be

Laughing around

Yonder bend.

The witch and the cripple

Will flee

When moonlight shines

Down in the end.

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