Mental Illness: An Exposition 6/9-6/15 2021 Part 3

How the earth has worn, shown its true colors. It seems that reality is perhaps 5 centuries behind science. We find and apply, and then we must wait. Wait for what? wait for the world to change. Science is science, the rest is just politics. What is the transformation of humanity, as we the ones who are being shaped by our science adapt to the intrusion or enlightenment of our minds by technology. As the web is spun around us, into us, and among us, we find that we are not who we thought we once were. We are expanding ourselves into the universe.

The spectrum of humanity, those who are human, not yet human, and once were human is becoming more and more visible.


By Miles Francis

She ran on ahead,

To find her purpose,

And knelt by the stream,

To where it had led.

She ran on ahead,

The key to the castle,

She crept to the window,

Saw a sunset, pure red.

She ran on ahead,

Skirt swinging so gaily,

Found a purple flower,

He left in his stead.

Schizophrenics Anonymous

“I hear they’re using heavy water in the showers down at the insane asylum…”

“Oh you’ve got a GE showered? Well I’ve got a Rolls-Royce. That’s right, I’ve got a Rolls-Royce showerhead.”

And they say the road ain’t no place to start a family…

My fears grow day by day as I wait for death to envelop me in its loving everlasting embrace. The time that I have on this earth lingers and quakes as shadows, clouds, nimbus and cumulous, pass overhead. I think, I feel, nimble and quick, slow and fatigued. Each day is a new dawn, but each day brings with it new emotional, physical, and mental trauma that I must undergo in order to prove myself human, to prove myself alive. These things reach deep into my conscience and threaten to overtake me. I hold them at bay until they no longer have power over me.

These things of which I speak affect all men, yet I am more susceptible than most. My journey is rough, but my task at hand is clear and growing clearer by the day. To survive, to flourish, to compete, to accomplish, are things few man have done in my place before me. I alone posses the ability to make my future become reality. No one else. I am the master of my destiny, I must remain at full health in order to achieve my goals, however slow they may come.

There are few things on this planet as precious to me as art. Art gives, but it also takes . In order to create are we must put a piece of ourselves into the work. Without this essence of the creator in every work, there is no art. Just as a computer cannot program without a programmer, art could not be created without a human. This is my stance on art. So many artists create from others’ work, by failing to create something original, they are selling themselves out to some lesser ideal. This ideal of unoriginality, is evil. It should be a crime.

Just because some things aren’t created doesn’t mean that it isn’t pure genius. So many intelligent people have been forgotten because they didn’t allow their greatest work to be seen.

Anno Domini

In the day of the Lord.

Yes that is one of the few latin phrases that I know. I felt that it fits here. I am not talking about God, and yet he needs to be mentioned.

This phrase

These days



Age of reason

Crypto treason


Where do the youth of today find their fortunes? The city dwellers of today who are unmarred by the harsh realities of life. Are they not human too? There are to many people in this world who are not where they wish to be it is almost an international crisis. The want of millions to be where so few reside. This strange oddity seems to most, to be a fact of life. Not to me. How do the stars align? Whose journey is beginning and whose is just coming to an end? These questions will bring on the next generation of political leaders, and communications technology. Enabling diversity, inclusiveness, and harmony among the people of earth.

An elegant


Elevated mandolins

A twinkling


Light footsteps

In the garden

A flickering candle

In the window.

A waltz performed

In the ballroom

A gentleman’s


A ladies’ gown.

Children running

On the beach

Not an instrument

Out of tune.

A personal note: Do not ever joke with other people diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

Many people who are today in the hospital with me, will soon no doubt be back due to substances, illnesses that come on unexpectedly, or unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors. I too may be back sooner than I expect, although I hope not.

By Miles Francis:

Pen in hand

A place to stand.

I fought for right

To save my life.

These riddles told

A night so bold.

A feather quill

My oil lamp spill.

A spot of ink

A page on brink.

I write my past, It won’t come true. I once belonged, one day for you.

Next week again, I’ll see a friend. With hopeful eyes, I’ll claim my prize.

Why do we write? Why do our thoughts compel us to put pen to paper, to mark in ink with these symbols of meaning? Who do we (I) write for? Who are you? You are reading this writing. What is your name?

Today might be my last day here. It is quiet. Few people are left to hold loud conversations and carry on as they did before. My mind wanders. I feel well and able. I am anxious to see my family once again. I will recount my time and rejoin the outside world, mad as it is.

I think one of the greatest things to aspire to be is to be famous. To be known in your field, in your community, and in your accomplishments. There is no better feeling, at least in my eyes, than recognition.


By Miles Francis

O to be home,

To be free,

To explore the world,

To chart a path.

Set your sights,

Do the math,

Learn the books,

Find your passion.

Guess the time,

Put your stash in,

Create your work,

A work of art.

Develop your theory,

Play your part,

Enjoy the rhyme,

Deflect the reason.

Go to school,

When its in season,

And finally,

Remember this.

Love won’t come,

Without a twist,

Don’t think first,

But just don’t miss.

Forever comes,

A word,

A kiss.

Thinking about this poem takes some thought. At first you are found to be in a vocation, a skill, a craft. Then you learn that home can take many forms, including love. Home is a place for all emotions, sometimes even bad ones.

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