Note on the Philosophy of Al Kindī

Abū Yūsuf Ya‛qūb b. Isḥāq al-Kindī’s treatise known as “On First Philosophy” is a seminal work by one of the Arab world’s original philosophers. First Philosophy refers to the origins of the universe and the metaphysics of being, including the creation of all things and the existence and nature of God. The treatise’s main argument is on the oneness of God, that He exists and has created the universe, which is not eternal, and that it (the universe) has begun at the beginning of time, which God created, and has an ending. This ending is the end of the non-eternal being of God, and the end of the non-eternal universe and time itself.

The information from this paragraph was retrieved from “The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy,” from the chapter entitled: “The Rise of Falsafa: Al-Kindī (d. 873).”

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