On Free Will

The question of free will intrigues me. Is it fate that determines our destiny or are we the masters of our domain. Closely related to this question, I think, is whether we are the masters of our universe, that is, we are the highest form of being in our known universe. I say known universe here, as opposed to the unknown universe because within our periphery we are obviously the only beings, the only form of life available to our gaze. So if earth contains the only known life in the universe, and we are the highest forms of life in that universe, then we must have free will.

This is a rudimentary argument, and one I intend to expand on. In the progress of science, we seem to have advanced somewhat, both from an evolutionary perspective, and also from a techno-bio-socio-econo-politico perspective. The difference being two separate and distinct schools of thought. I argue that the techno oriented school of thought can include some form of fate, whereas the evolutionary school of thought leaves no room for fate. Obviously these need some forms of clarification.

In the evolutionary school of thought, we have evolved from a single spark of life on this planet, millions of years ago, and are the true masters of our domain. We are unique in the universe as the initial conditions of the universe were only perfect in one place and point in time to create life as we know it. But what does this say about free will and fate? Well if we truly have evolved, and drawing from a truly scientific point of reference, we must be masters of our domain in this case because there is no outside force acting on us as a species, or genus of life.

This is not to say that there could not be any form of inherent systems level spark or entelechy which drives us, but it is to say that that force is not a predeterminate of our destiny. In string theory, the force that underlies all particles is, through some fractal process, a constantly moving coil of energy, minuscule mass, and length. This occurs in all matter, living or dead, but could not be a part of fate, as we are built out of it.

However, this brings us to ask more questions. If there are inherent particles of which are spread throughout the system of the universe, could these not play some role in our fate?

Leaving this question for a moment, and returning to the techno school of beliefs, we can surmise that this system of beliefs is characterized by a human altered and affected universe. We are not products of the universe, but we are the creators of our own form of product. That is, by using tools, we use these tools to affect change in our universe so that we may know more, travel further, and communicate faster.

This type of system, I argue would be ripe for the idea of fate. The reason being, that this form of human altered evolution rather than internal systems oriented, fractal based evolution, brings out the question of destiny. If we are not the creators of our world, but the shapers, acting own it, then there muse have been some higher being who created the universe and has some plan for our species, and in fact has a plan for the development of life and a purpose for the product of the tools which that life is able to use.

The question being then in this case, is not whether we have a fate, but what that fate is?

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