Our Strategy:

Our world is changing. To some it is known as the great acceleration. To others is is simply the uptick in the standards of living which countries have experienced over the last 60 years. We believe that the coming 60 years are pivotal to our role as humans on Earth. The complexity of the challenges that we face and the risks we must bear are unprecedented in the modern age. The progress we have made must be protected and championed by everyone on the planet if we are to survive.

Global Ideas; Local Audience:

The political climate of the world’s institutions has changed the way we interact with each other and our environment. America is no longer the leader it once was. There is a lack of new ideas and innovation in the parts of the world which are not urbanized. The networks which make up our local communities are often left behind by the groups which drive discussion in the cities.

WithLiberty’s mission is to bring global ideas to a local audience. We want to inform our community so as to protect the people and connections we love the most.

Beyond the arts and the culture, cities have something more to offer rural communities… A global perspective on science.