The Class Society We Live In Part III

It is the privatization of education which will make it truly available to all. All but the most abject stragglers must be allowed to learn the ways of the world through the free market. It is in the students interest to learn what they will, the parents interest to give their children an education that suits their needs, not the governments’.There is no greater burden on the development of a just and equal society than government schooling. The poor are subject to schools which are made for the poor, and to breed further development of the lower class. The rich are sustained in schooling which allows them to remain in their positions of power and wealth whether they deserve it by merit or merely seek to squander their inheritances. There is no objectivity in a system which treats each child the same regardless of their sex, disability status, class status, origin, creed, or race. This is the system where children drop out, never pursue their dreams, and never realize their full potential. There is no joy or happiness in a government run schooling system. There is no feeling of discovery, of wonder, or of enlightenment. K-12 education in the U.S. today is a childcare system, not an educational one. It is where parents send their kids while they go to work and they come home and ask not what incredible things did you learn, what new ideas were you exposed to today, but a dull, how was it? How did you get along with your fellow students? How did they treat you? The question parents have been asking for decades is how were you taught today? Not what were you taught. This should be the true question asked in schools what did you learn. What schools of thought do your teachers adhere to? Are they a modernist? A Platonist? A realist? A revisionist? A neoliberal? Why do you think they think that way? and finally, what do you think? A child should always be asked his opinion, given a chance to speak his mind not only about the subject matter, but also about the manner of teaching and the method. This is true freedom in education.

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