The Emblem

A poem by James Rice

This stupid emblem of suffocating sameness,

Who am I even to think that you are brainless,

Mr. Rogers in disguise,

A perch at home without the lies.

A picture of where I grew up,

Not a piece of it is stainless,

Euthanize me now because I won’t tell you where the pain is,

Uncouth attitude, bring me to the latitude,

It’s here I don’t belong.

If I say that you are blameless,

Will you tell me where I am,

Because forever is not where fame is,

Letters and pence,

That is what I meant.

I’ll give you a piece of my mind,

Don’t you think that might be dangerous,

My life here is bland so tell me where might be flavorous,

Creation is a thing,

So bring me home and watch me drink.

But for now I’ll save my pen and ink,

Just sit there and watch me think,

Forever is a noun,

Just one word, a sound.

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