The Escape

To be subjugated, defeated, taken prisoner. To be robbed of your morally just deliverance, put down in front of your people. To be humiliated. Stolen from. Ostracized and judiciaized.

These are things of which we know not. But in order to find our humanity we must know them. We are not ‘others.’ Every person alive has witnessed this excruciating pain of subjugation from and to another, whether it be race, gender, class, or ability. We think of race first, it is the most dangerous, the pounding in our heads, the racing of our hearts, we align with our own and deny others their own. We deny others their own. This is the question which has divided our nation for hundreds of years. How can we grapple with our future when our future is not another’s? When we lift up our own people, and at the same time deny others their time. We must rebuild and refurbish. We must transform our people, the people of the world, Europe, and the United States. For we cannot go on lingering in the shadows of what has past. We cannot celebrate our culture when we have nothing to be proud of. When we take from others what does not rightfully belong, and enforce our laws on those to whom it does not apply.

Yes, we need a renaissance. It will not come with out trials. It will not come without the complete destruction of the institutions which have stood too strongly in the test of time. It will not come without the reorganization of our governments which their bureaucracy of whiteness. Yes, I have said that. We must take the office into the outdoors and show the office of the president to the world. Not taking from without to bring within, but taking from within to bring without. By opening our doors and accepting that yes, we are all in this together, but we are not all one and the same.

We think we are all one and the same. A revisitation, revitalization is needed urgently to this question. Who are we really. We forget where we came from and that history is sown with the blood tears and sweat of our fellow man. Who were the founding fathers of our nation and who did they fight for. We must have something to fight for if we are to fight. For if we do not fight we are sure to lose.

This battle is not for one people but all peoples. The leadership of our nation is old, weak, crumbling before our eyes. To express ourselves, to express the world we cannot look to our technology to save our humanity, for that is what is eating away at the very fabric of our being. We are being exploited by the very thing we seek to exploit. To learn, to grow with, against, and from this terror, we must not band together, because it is then that we are most apart.

The revolution is coming, and to be on the right side of the United States and Europe as they are enveloped by the tsunami of metaphysical transformation and enlightenment, we must think fast, be strong, and expose ourselves like we never have before.

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