The Sum of All Things Good and Evil

With this writing, it has come to my attention that a more active stance is needed for the rural libertarian movement. The time has come for young people and those who are silent to speak out. Our leaders are continuing with the status quo while forces that are unimaginable to their eyes are shaping and changing our world. The cultures, and the economies which power them are undergoing a rapid phase transition while the governance stays largely the same. Even the modern protest movements such as Black Lives Matter and the green energy “revolution” are not revolutions at all, but spectacles put on by our government, and sanctioned by the elites. The students and young people who are drawn into these rallies are told to believe certain things which are not true, and do not hold solutions for our planet.

The worst thing that the post truth media can do to a movement or person is to simply ignore them. That is what is happening with the political crisis my friends. The Biden administration is not only drawing a curtain over the true disease of this country, they are actively funding and politicizing pseudo science, which has been made into the “truth” at the expense of the masses who do not and cannot know better.

This is what we must do my friends. If you are aware of these problems, speak out in your local community. Start small. Edge your way in. Build your voice, and breathe deeply. Speaking truth to those who are blind will not be easy. Nor is learning about the truth of our world. It takes hard work and practice, and more than a little bit of luck. I will continue to recommend books, articles and videos; media of all kinds when I can and will, here for the purposes of the advancement of this cause. Fight peacefully, fight the fake news, fight for what we truly believe in, and we will win in the end. This is the most precarious time that mankind has ever faced, there has never been a more important time to be an activist, a scholar, or a youth.

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