Towards a Reformation of Man

Meta. Once we call forth our inner being out into the world, we release our energy into our work, craft, and passion. We are finally alive. Being alive comes with too many consequences for me. Why can we not be carefree? Why must the politics of every situation come to light, breaking down the truth as it has been discovered? Plain as day we sit on a spectrum of social needs. What one person wants the next cannot have. How the players squabble around the center of the ring. Each necessarily deserving of his own piece of the rewards of the result of the labor of billions. Too many choices. Too many places that need investment, work, repair. The question of money, always on everyone’s minds. We are mired in it. Deep into our society from which the flow originates. People spilling over themselves to attract a single penny. Yes, this is the competition of the world. Everyone pitted against everyone else. Capitalism at its finest.

How to reform the broken system? The excess of profit which brings only waste. How will we turn inwards into our selves, reinvolving our process to include those who are left out? Shifting the landscape of production to protect the last remaining sacred landscapes, the last remaining untouched developments. What view of the world will we have once we can view ourselves and every man around us as a posthuman? I am left with only questions. The world seems twisted, gaudy, unwieldily. Something that needs to be fixed. Yet at the same time, it seems efficient, streamlined, technological, and innovative. We have built the world we have been seeking. So where is the next innovation?

It lies I think in politics. The last remaining sphere of public life which necessitates a change. The world order is shifting, the economy kaleidoscopes beneath us. Humanity is reaching it zenith. At least some parts of it. There is too much inequality. This will never last. The crumbling of the foundations of our society needs action. Needs structure and support. To support the top, we exploit the masses. How will we form a society which is empowered to create change, with themselves and with others?

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